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The european protection order

Its application to the victims of gender violence

Teresa Freixes Sanjuán (Director de Obra)
Laura Román Martín (Director de Obra)
Neus Oliveras Jané (Coordinador)
Raquel Vañó (Coordinador)
Teresa Freixes Sanjuán (Autor/a)
Laura Román Martín (Autor/a)
Neus Oliveras Jané (Autor/a)
Raquel Vañó (Autor/a)
Atanas Atanasov (Autor/a)
Elisabet Cerrato (Autor/a)
Emil Dechev (Autor/a)
Xavier Freixes (Autor/a)
Svetla Margaritova Voutchkova (Autor/a)
Víctor Merino (Autor/a)
Carmen Rodríguez-Medel (Autor/a)
Mercè Sales (Autor/a)
Bettina Steible (Autor/a)
Núria Torres (Autor/a)
Caspar Visser (Autor/a)
Caspar Visser (Traductor/a)

Directive 2011/99/EU on the European protection order establishes a mechanism for judicial cooperation in the European Union that aims to guarantee the protection of victims of violence when they move between the territories of the Member States. The European project Epogender, funded within the framework of the Daphne III programme, focuses on the victims of gender violence. It addresses the legal and jurisdictional conflicts that stem from the diversity of the national systems of victim protection and the need to comply the provisions of the Directive.

In this publication, The European protection order. Its application to the victims of gender violence, the results of the research conducted by the Epogender team are presented. In particular, this handbook includes a comparative analysis of the legislation and practices of the Member States affected by the Directive regarding the protection measures for victims of gender violence. At the same time, it presents useful indicators to achieve a correct and effective transposition of the Directive, highlighting the obstacles and difficulties that may arise in the process.

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