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Spanish Insolvency Law

Handbook, practical cases and tests

José Luis Luceño Oliva (Autor/a)

The Insolvency Law. Handbook, Practical Cases and Tests has been written to help students to understand and get a better knowledge of the main institutions of Spanish Insolvency Law, scheming each article or group of articles in order to develop and make clear the basic concepts of Insolvency Law.

The Handbook includes practical cases, test questions and a brief glossary of terms to make it easier not only for foreign students but also for spanish studens who choose the course in English language.

The Handbook may also be useful to all kind of non-spanish researchers and practitioners in their first approac to Spanish Insolvency Law, and to legal firms which use to work with non-resident clients.

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Publicación:  1ª ed., 2018.
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